“You unbelieving and perverse generation how long am I to be with you; how long must I endure you?”

“You are defiled by what comes out of your mouth.”

From the above quotes one might believe that they were meant for LGBTQ+

Actually Jesus was talking to All people- especially those who were his disciples- and anyone who spoke in God’s name, yet sinned against His second Commandment:


“You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye."

Lesson 115 Spiritual Teaching Three of Mary Ellen's book, Are You Still Mine?

Jesus Was Not Gender Conscious/ Exclusive

Actually, He was not prejudiced culturally, racially, with regards to creed, or age, nor was he against any people.

The Pharisees said in Luke 20: 21, “Teacher, we know that you speak and teach what is right, and that you do not show partiality.” Everywhere the translations indicate Jesus wasn’t swayed by others, He paid no attention to the social status of the person, and thus He was impartial and didn’t play favorites, and didn’t care about anyone’s opinions, since He was not swayed by appearances. In other words, Jesus was an honest man, and taught with the truth.

Can you imagine, then, God created “you” to be a ‘certain way,’ i.e., female, a different color, or different in your sexual orientation, so that He may have others not accept you? Can you see yourself perhaps a white Christian, Irish Catholic, a Jew, Muslim, black slave, or a deformed, poor, too old, or a terminally sick person? Or, perhaps, you were made to feel worthless, and expendable, because you can no longer contribute to society, and further, that you are a drain on the economy? What if you were told by a particular person, or group, that because you are one of these you were an abomination to the God that created you? Because that is what discrimination is, the finding of ‘any’ reason to hate and reject a person created by God, loved by God, because ‘someone,’ or ‘some group,’ doesn’t like them. How would you feel if people treated you badly, and unjustly, because they decided God hated you? Sadly, this is a flawed human mind that could change on a dime. and one day they don’t like Catholics, then the next day they hate anyone who lives in a brick house. What it boils down to is discrimination is the result of anyone, or any group, that has no inner sense of what is right or wrong is motivated by fear, and who uses a dominant personality (political, religious) as an authority and an example for wrongful conduct, or presents motives to satisfy their own insecurities. It impels one towards wrong actions, in that hate has no moral principles, and goes against all that is in harmony in the universe. It is when one has not figured out that it is yet through another way that the divine works, and that the human conscious is even with those who do not believe in a God, or have a religion or spirituality.

Jesus so clarified the ‘true’ Law, and in doing so, automatically abolished those historical, and cultural, accretions arising out of irrational fears, fears that were created by men, and over time gathered momentum, which now even today serve as the basis for all kinds of discrimination and violence, and was sometimes even codified as officially ‘coming from God’ i.e., IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, and, so, therefore, it can reach a point where what is so very wrong cannot be amended or even questioned.

Jesus revealed the truth about the Old Testament Law, and revealed the kind of Law that God actually taught from the beginning, and not what men interpreted it to be; He was able and authorized to do this because he was God. On the other hand, man, after he took over when Jesus was gone, recast what Jesus taught and meant and changed it back to the OLD LAW. To keep going back to the interpretation of the Levitical Law, and make Jesus’ teachings conform to it, a law that was written and interpreted by men that Jesus (as God) rebuked, and that goes against Jesus’ commandment to love, basically is to put God (Old Testament) against God (New Testament).

Eeshans believe that physical body gender is a covering for the purpose of distinguishing the physiology of a person, but is not always the same as one’s gender identity. In some cases, the gender identity is inconsistent with a person’s biological sex characteristics. Gender dysphoria is when the biological gender of the person does not match up with gender identity. This is not the person’s fault, or choice; and it is not who, or what, makes up the person. We are not responsible for being born, or how we are born, or we look, or to whom we are born, as a human family we should be there to help those who need help and welcome each as family.

Who and what the person is, is much deeper than the body’s covering. Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you cannot expect people to fit a particular template, and so on.

God designed us to love each other and not oppress one or another; but to unite with talents and skill, not for just within one owns culture, race, color, religion etc., but for a better life in this world and a better tomorrow. Because we look, or are made differently, or because we are male, female, or prone to feel male, while in a female body, or female in a male body, or androgynous, gay, lesbian, or intersex, these things should not ever be a cause to hate, harm, or reject someone; and most definitely no one has a right to keep anyone from Jesus and his Mysteries. Though we may not understand the why for those things we feel are punishable, we must understand that these are human beings and judgment should be left to God. To be clear, discrimination, and prejudice arises out of fear, and this is the seed of all oppression and suffering.

[How should one judge these? One must] Be careful not to judge by man’s standard, as if speaking for God; [for] God may then judge us by our own standard. To God, we are all made in goodness and love, and our outward appearances and personalities are as special, just as all little children are, indeed, good.

“For it is said of You; You are honest and teach the truth about what God wants people to do, and You treat ‘everyone’ with the same respect, no matter who they are [you see them only as children of God]” (Mt. 22:16) CEV

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