Lent: Are You Still Mine?

With the commencing of the Lenten Season, we see numerous stories, articles, and documentaries about Jesus. We have those who believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is the second Person of the Holy Trinity, Son of God and Messiah. Then there are those who believe he is/was a great prophet- nothing more. Some believe he was celibate, and there are those who believe he was married. The list of pros and cons is endless. So, who is this Person we celebrate at Christmas and Easter? The world has many pieces they believe would fit to form a complete puzzle of this unique yet mysterious Man/God, however, most times the pieces are altered. Truth is, they immediately are found to be facts made up to fit what is accepted as 'motivated reasoning' which is described as “a pervasive tendency of human cognition.” In other words, if a fact supports what we want or think, we accept it as truth- with no proof necessary. With the onset of so much false or fake news across social media- truth has become relative. It exists to serve many perceptions. It is malleable. So too are scriptures, for we see regardless of the many proofs and actual admittance by Church authorities that Scriptures are flawed- it is becoming a known fact, that people don’t want to know or see beyond what comforts them, for it is easier to use what they believe shaped their lives even though they may not live according to what they read- it is good enough for them. [But Truth itself comes from one perfect Source and that is Jesus Christ, God, the All in All]. That’s all great if you are looking for a trivialized spirituality which satisfies your conscience with regards to having a spirituality or obligation to God especially during these two most sacred Liturgical seasons; but you must ask yourself- “Is this what you want?” or do you want to really enter into a spirituality and know the Person of Jesus Christ? Accepting anything or everything handed to you despite the discovery of what was not true or factual does not deepen your relationship and you are cheating yourself and God. Knowing facts never available to you before opens up a whole new dynamic whereby you gain the fullness of and richness of Jesus Christ- vital to the salvation promised to us by God at the time of Adam and Eve's Choice. Who doesn’t want to know what was always intended by Him? Without this knowledge, how can one say they truly are capable of building a relationship between God and you, and thereby living your fullest life on your journey back to Paradise? The Eeshan Religion’s foundation and beliefs are safe guarded with the intention of bringing you to the fullest and richest way back to God with clarity via Enlightenment as never presented before. Join us on this most Sacred “way” to finding your center, your focus and your own spirituality despite: age, race, color, creed, gender identity, and anything else which divides and separates us as a family under the All in All, the One, Who is most loving and selfless with regards to love, loving kindness, and mercy. The God Who gave us not a life without value or one of sheer existence, but one that gives merit and worth as we participate in and allow ourselves by choice to be led back to what Jesus called “our inheritance” as children of God. Though each Rite, whether Eastern or Western tradition provides for, we invite you to follow the Eeshan Religion ( and see how our beliefs truly reflect your worth by witnessing the depth of our Merkabahalic, Kabbahlic, Mystic roots tracing back to Jesus from His birth to His death in ways that will fill your heart and soul beyond your greatest dreams. It goes without saying during this solemn season that we recognize Jesus Christ- True God, True Man. Who together with His Wife, sacrificed Their time here on earth not only fulfilling God's Will, but giving up Their Will for love of us. So with that said, is Jesus worth a thought, a prayer, or maybe even fasting- in return for your life everlasting? From, Eesha *Below we have provided a link to the history of the LITURGICAL YEAR by the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh which, though we differ on certain beliefs, we find to be one of few exceptional writings in presenting a way of entering into these mysteries.* ​