In Honor of Mary Magdalen's Feast Day 7/22

"With the obvious desolation of spirituality, it is no wonder why at this time in history—where there appears to be a tear in the fabric of humankind’s heart, emptying itself of life—that we discover there is an outpouring of divine love coursing back through the tear—providing a spectrum of singular grace. Is it God? Of course it is. Who other than the All in All is wise enough to know what will bring comfort and peace of mind, body and soul, and use sublime love to fill this void?

God once again sends humanity ‘the one’ who ‘is one’ with the Divine Masculine to reveal the truth necessary to heal the deepest wound and mend the fascia of the heart, thus stabilizing and securing salvation.

The only-begotten Child who became our only begotten parents—came to restore what had been lost, and by their sacrifice would preclude such future errors designed to interrupt God’s intentions and plan for their children.

In the folds of time, what was guarded and covered over by God—the Divine Feminine—patiently bided the time until the ideal moment had arisen allowing for the folds to be unfolded to reveal her name.

All that is required now is for one to desire and believe that all is possible with God.

Incarnation was a process which was used in bringing about the Divine Masculine presence into the world, in its being active in the undeniable marriage of the King’s Son as Proof of God’s unconditional love for us. However, in the case of Mary Magdalen, these present times supramentalization was used for the return of the passive Divine Feminine. Most definitely, however, first and foremost—we find that supramentalization serves to once again ignite the truth with the Divine Feminine now as the active Consort. But we would be remiss to not acknowledge that her presence originated and is grounded in the most intimate act between twin flames and soulmates—the love she and Jesus shared.

It is no wonder that the songs that tell of their love would be “Once Upon a Dream,” which could very well have been “the dream” of Mary Magdalen during her suspended sleep and her response to Jesus when she was awakened.

The second most resounding language of the heart could, without a doubt, be found in Ecclesiastes, where the river flows to the sea and then flows back again. Their song “Unchained Melody” of today expresses the desire of a bridegroom nervously awaiting the moment he will be reunited with his bride in this world, with his heart filled with an innocence and anticipation that had been building over so long a period of time—a time where he was apart from his beloved. Because their love flowed like the river to the sea and they were never really uninterrupted from one to the other—they were never separated—a promise he made to her from the Cross.

Welcome back, Mary!

—Taken from the Forward of Are You Still Mine?

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