Holy Tuesday: The Day of the Actual Last Supper

Today we are celebrating Holy Tuesday. The day Eeshan’s believe to be the actual day of the Last Supper. Chronologically, the events that took place surrounding Jesus could not have occurred within a 24 hour period beginning Thursday into Friday (click here to see explanation). In those days prior to Jesus, there was no ‘spiritual food’ for life everlasting. There was only a ‘hidden bread’ and a Passover wine, which subsequently should have reflected the Sacred Bread and Drink hidden back in the Garden of Eden, and which remained there after the gates were closed; however, it is the events such as in the Exodus that lay the foundational groundwork for the Seder. Jesus’ Eucharist, on the other hand, at the Last Supper, did not. In fact, Eeshan's teach and believe that what took place at the Last Supper, hallmarked that there actually was a “Spiritual Bread and Drink” from which the tradition stemmed from. The Feast of the Passover The Feast of the Passover is known for its connection to Moses and the Jewish redemption. Though Christian history and the celebration of Christ’s passion and death is for mankind’s redemption by Jesus, we can clearly see even within these teachings and worship services how greatly they differ in doctrine. The First Marriage Feast was at the Last Supper Once one enters into the Eeshan Marriage Feast of the Lamb and His Wife, it is clear to see how greatly it differs in comparison to the Mass and Liturgy with which most are familiar. The link is back to Adam and Eve outwardly in its prayers, and the only ties to the Old Law are the very striking errors that Jesus would draw critical attention to. In so many ways Jesus tried to right the wrongs of the Law of the time that the religious leaders so vehemently defended. The people of the time were weighing the Law of God, as they were told and lived for generations, not being aware of the Sacred Food and Drink but yet being aware of a ‘hidden bread,’ known as the 'afikomen.' Their notion of the importance of the afikomen could now be seen, and used by God, for this 'Hidden Bread' is what would be used at the Supper to store the essence of Christ, which Mary Magdalen would consume upon His death and activate Their Oneness. This along with Her Kiss would bring about His Resurrection as She breathed into Him life. This is why we reserve the Blessed Sacrament today— to give glory and honor to the Divine Masculine and Feminine Redeemers.

In this fullness of time, what now we uncover, reveal and taste

that’s been hiding in plain sight-- the Afikomen. Now in this world the Truth, is here, and waiting to be found. The day has come and the answer is clear. Open their eyes, O God. For those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear, fill them with the humility to learn, and with the generosity to share these Truths; with the curiosity to ask the right questions. Along with the vision to see with new eyes, and the audacity to think outside the box with perseverance is our prayer. We eat this Afikomen, here now in fulfillment of the Christ’s words— That what was hidden is revealed to all the world.

— Adapted from: Are You Still Mine? "Lesson 95 Door #19 From Famine to Feast" by EESHA Mary Ellen Lukas & Finding and Eating the Afikomen by Unknown

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