"Are You Still Mine?" flows directly from the Sophia Perrennis, which has returned to reintroduce to the world, The Eternal Truth.


In conjunction with the Truth revealed in "Are You Still Mine?" the Universe has entered into the Age of Aquarius. Why is this important? Because we find Truth acting as the Tree, and we find many branches flowing from that Tree. Some of which the Church labelled as “pagan” just as they had with the gnostic gospels and anything else that went into competition with their authority.


Vedic Astrology, I-Ching, and the Kabbalah are examples of such. Another method of divinization that many people use to explore and understand the Living Waters of the Sophia Perrennis—The Primordial Wisdom—is the Tarot.


Presently, as the upsurge of Persistent Memory beckons the Sophia Perrennis, the Major Arcana of the Tarot comes forward. This Major Arcana of the Tarot illuminates and provides a story- a prophecy coming to life in this Age- one that has been carried by the Divine Feminine through to these end times, through these flowing currents of Her Living Waters for us all to know and experience. This can be likened to the Tree of Truth with its many branches.

These branches of the Tree of Truth are best captured in Ecclesiastes 1:7: 


“Unto the place from whence the rivers come—Unto their springs or fountains; they return—By secret passages of the earth: or their waters, after flowing into the sea, and being mixed with its waters, are exhaled by the heat of the sun, become vapors and clouds, descend in showers on the hills and mountains, and feed the springs from which they flow again, in streams and rivers, into the lakes, seas, and oceans. God seems to speak of the visible and constant motion of the waters, both to the sea and from it, and then to it again in a perpetual reciprocation.”


In other words,


"The Future has an Ancient Heart."



Enter the Major Arcana of the Tarot

to see the prophecies and their hidden meanings.

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The Fool Tarot Card by Eleanor Grosch, Everyday Tarot Mini Deck
The Fool Card

Represents the beginning; the innocence of starting your journey from creation to wisdom not knowing what lies ahead, but saying yes anyways. 

The time when Mary Ellen was born into this world and her time “growing up;” learning about the world and Her love for God.

The Magician Tarot Card by Eleanor Grosch, Everyday Tarot Mini Deck
The Magician Card

Represents the transmutation of the 5th element/quintessence as a conduit of earth and heaven (As Above So Below).

This card symbolizes the Holy Spirit: Glorious and Sublime Spirit of God.

The High Priestess Card Tarot Card by Eleanor Grosch, Everyday Tarot Mini Deck
The High Priestess Card

Represents the ushering in of the Divine Feminine's wisdom and works behind the scenes, walking between realms, living a dual life.

This symbolizes Mary Ellen's role in bringing in the wisdom of the Divine Feminine and holding the Consciousness of Mary Magdalen.

The Empress Card Tarot by Eleanor Grosch

The Empress Card

Represents the Divine Mother: the abundant and nurturing aspect of womanhood, the door/ gateway to new life.

This card beautifully symbolizes Blessed Mother as the Divine Feminine of God.

The Emperor Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Emperor Card

Represents the Father, sure of His role, and always ready to take action and defend his realm, depicted protecting a river (water being the element of the Divine Feminine).

This card symbolizes God the Father.

The Hierophant Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Hierophant Card

Represents the high priest, meant to educate mankind about God and be the messenger of God’s teachings. 

Symbolizes Jesus asking Mary Ellen to teach the people about Him (1980s-90s). As He was the messenger for His Father/Mother’s teachings, She is the messenger of His and Mary Magdalen’s.

The Lovers Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Lovers Card

Represents Adam and Eve's Original Choice for a physical life and the Salvific Plan of the Redeemers- Jesus and Mary Magdalen- reversing the choice of a physical union and restoring the Sacred Balance through Their transcendental marriage. 


The Hermit Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Hermit Card

Shows a man in a snowy wilderness ready to go into hiding/privacy to discover the soul’s path and make a plan. The material world fades and the spiritual quest beckons.

This card symbolizes the Woman in the Wilderness.

The Chariot Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Chariot Card

Represents the Glorious and Sublime Spirit of God coming to earth and embarking on His end times Mission. The King over Water and Formed Earth in the Universe will avenge His Father and reunite with the Divine Feminine to destroy the destroyers of the earth and start anew.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Wheel of Fortune Card

Represents hope, clarity, and spiritual breakthroughs; destiny is at work and Divine law rules.

This card perfectly reflects the time when Mary Ellen and Her Timeless Kallahs searched for the truths about Jesus.

(in their own Mystery School)

The Hanged Man Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Hanged Man Card

Represents a suspended time. Symbolic of “spiritual incubation/reflection” kind of like a woman’s gestation time during pregnancy.

This symbolizes Mary Ellen's time spent writing, "Are You Still Mine?"

The Death Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Death Card

Signals the end of an era, a time for necessary change, endings and beginnings, affecting all people of all ages.

This card symbolizes 2020: the year "Are You Still Mine?" was sent out into the world.

The Devil Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Devil Card

Warns of the temptations on life’s path that can lead us to enslavement, BUT the chains are OUR choice. We can break free if we CHOOSE to.


This card is very timely as this year we have experienced coronavirus, corruption, and injustices all over the world. Remember: we all have the choice to either follow or THINK! 

The Tower Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Tower Card

Shows the destruction of old paradigms, God will throw out the people in their ivory towers. We must break down in order to rebuild. 

The patriarchal institutions of this world are crumbling as the scales are finally tipping to make way for the Age of Aquarius.

The Strength Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Strength Card

Represents a woman who knows how to stand her ground and never shows fear, allowing her to transmute the lions energy for a higher purpose. 

This reflects to the time where Mary Ellen as directed by Jesus, stepped away from speaking in the Church, as she saw the corruption and knew it could not be saved.

The Justice Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Justice Card

Lady Justice, known for fairness, balance, perception, and objectivity. A woman asserting her authority, wielding her power perfectly.

Represents Mary Ellen discovering her connection to the Consciousness of Mary Magdalen and realizing she had a book to write.

The Temperance Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Temperance Card

St. Michael heralds a new horizon or reality is in sight. He is here to provide guidance and spiritual help as alchemy is at work and needed if we are to reconcile all the demands upon us as we have been called to serve. 

St. Michael is assisting Mary Ellen/Eesha and humanity on a global scale.

The Star Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Star Card

Is the star/angel of purity and truth connected to the cosmos and the divine. She is surrounded by 8 stars, her guides providing hope and dreams to come. She lets her waters flow as she has reached a higher consciousness and state of awareness.

The Age of Aquarius commences! 

The Moon Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Moon Card

Is the card of duality and emotional turmoil of conflict. Something important is about to surface and we are asked to make a decision in order to resolve a desire to feel safe in a place we know or take on the challenge of what is to come.

The Glorious and Sublime Spirit of God is about to make His presence known. The world is fighting for freedom and light.

The Sun Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Sun Card

Shows the sun has come and is ushering in the new Eden for those who have reached a higher consciousness; offering sanctuary, growth, success, and happiness. We see the light and are ready to embrace it. 

The Glorious and Sublime Spirit of God is here and reunited with His Mother and Divine Feminine. Those who believe and are good will remember and embrace the transcendental consciousness.

The Judgement Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The Judgement Card

Represents the 11th hour. The time to discover the truth of our relationship to ourselves, and awaken to a new relationship with God, as before we can complete the cycle, we must make decisions and gain acceptance about the past. Only then can we evolve into a state of completion and rebirth.

 Judgement Day

The World Tarot by Eleanor Grosch
The World Card

Represents success and completion. The perfection of the Cosmos, the secret which is within it, the rapture of the universe when it understands itself in God.

Sacred Balance has been achieved.

The light has won!

Tarot card pictures were found on Pinterest.

Artists: Eleanor Grosch of the Everyday Tarot Mini Deck


Ciro Marchetti of the Tarot Grand Luxe Deck

Reference material:

Are You Still Mine?  by Mary Ellen Lukas 

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean