Are You Still Mine?

It is said, "Whenever a timeless mystery enters into time, the most powerful positive vibrations of epic proportion bring a disruption of negative energies taunting these powers and causing change."


#1 Amazon Bestselling book, "Are You Still Mine?" written by Mary Ellen Lukas

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Are You Still Mine? presents to the modern world a means of liberating the spirit of humankind and waking us up out of fear by enlightening us to an understanding of the secrets of our ancient past and keys to our future transformation.

It truly is a timeless mystery that has entered into time, disrupting negative energies and causing change


Take a bite out of this apple and not only be introduced to your transcendental consciousness, but experience the transfiguration of your heart into the aureole of something more than human, something entirely spiritual.​

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Have you been seeking for the clues and truths hidden away within the recesses of your heart regarding your true purpose in life?

If so, there’s no better way to find them than through the

“Are You Still Mine?"

Secret Scroll

"Are You Still Mine? Secret Scroll" is here! A workbook written by bestseller, Mary Ellen Lukas.

Here we dive deep into a new type of learning- an unlearning process.


The Secret Scroll alongside Mary Ellen Lukas' #1 best seliing book, “Are You Still Mine?” will catapult you into unlearning those things which make up the excuses you may have been living by, taking you step-by-step on a new journey where you’ll break old spiritual patterns that have invaded and obscured your true purpose in life.

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Mary Ellen Lukas is known throughout the world as a controversial and motivational speaker. She left the public eye in 1998 in fulfillment of God’s directives. She emerges now as the Foundress of the Eeshan Religion and Church of Metta Spirituality and School of Enlightenment. She has written this book to awaken humankind from the spiritual lockdown of two thousand years and bring freedom to humanity to finally experience the secret knowledge deemed dangerous by patriarchal religions.

Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author, Mary Ellen Lukas

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